Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Numbers can be deceiving...

Why the GT-R is such an amazing car? It can put all that power to use. What's the point of having monster BHP when you cannot put that power to the ground?

Not to mention, most of the time, people talk out of their asses. *laughs*
All the bragging and exaggeration.

Here you see a completely stock Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren with 626 BHP goes up against a lightly tuned Stage 2 Nissan GT-R with 560BHP. Next an Aston Martin DBS with a supercharger by Mansory pushing out 750BHP.

The outcome isn't so obvious...


Wei Tzen Teoh said...

Hey dude,

My GF introduced me to this website of yours. Amazing stuff.

I have to comment on the drag race though:

1) 4WD will almost definitely get a better head start then RWD, no questions there.

2) I am almost certain that the GTR isn't pushing out 560HP at the crank, more likely at the wheels. A 100HP gap, be it at the wheels or flywheel or engine, is too huge of a gap to be able to pull of what the GTR did.

3) GTR dominates on a drag strip because of its 4WD, whilst the SLR and DBS are aimed more for cruising. If the cars were on a roll, say around 60mph (100km/h), then take off from that speed, the GTR would be lunch.

Leonard Foong said...

Wei Tzen Teoh, thanks.

1.)Agreed. Hence my remark on how the GT-R manages to put all that power to the ground. Superior 4WD and launch control.

2.)As I have mentioned in the post, most people talk out of their asses when it comes to numbers. Either exaggerate or under declare.

3.)Actually, it shouldn't matter. It's not a 1/4 mile run. It's 1 mile. The car with the higher HP should catch up despite how they started. But look at the DBS vs SLR... DBS clearly had a power advantage on paper and weight advantage on top of that but how did it perform realistically? ^_^

Wei Tzen Teoh said...

3) The point I was getting across was higher powered cars dominate in mid to high speeds and top speeds; whilst the GTR will spank nearly anything on the drag strip because it depends mainly on how your get off the line. High power on a drag strip means nothing without drag radials or a sophisticated launch control.

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