Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Malaysian GP 2012

This years Malaysian GP was awesome! I was fortunate enough to score some pit passes for qualifying and diamond seats for race day...

Had to wake up quite early that morning to pick up passes. Was so sleepy as I had only managed to get a couple of hours of sleep the night before. Pretty envious of Bianca when I saw her spread out across the floor that morning... Like a boss...

What the Petronas pass looked like.

The Caterham pass.

Upon arriving I was greeted by this Megane Trophy!

Plenty of GP2's around too.

This was the general lounge. No dining, just plenty of free drinks and desserts.

The Petronas suite.

Check out the menu. The food was of course, nothing short of excellent. Champagne was served throughout the day too.

As I sat down to have some lunch, Alonso decided to come do a quick interview. He was sitting right in front of me. Couldn't get him to autograph anything as he rushed off for qualifying immediately after his little interview.

After lunch, I was taken down to the Caterham pits!

There were headsets to let you listen into the team radios.

This is what the pit walkabout pass looks like...

Not long after it was the open pit walkabout.

I went home tired and exhausted but with the biggest smile on my face. The pits are always a great experience. Even better when it's during the GP. One of those passes easily costs RM15,000.

But my day hasn't come to an end yet. That night, I made my way to Quill 9 for a BMW event.

I'm really diggin' these...

Not many people fancy the new face but I kinda like it...

Being raped by potential customers...




I didn't stick around. Went home and unpacked my loot for the day. Look at all the free shit I got.

They were also super imposing your head onto a picture with an F1 Driver for free! *laughs*

It didn't take long for me to pass out. I needed my rest for the big race day!

The next day...

As I peered out the car approaching SIC, it looked like it was about to pour! Woo hoo! It was going to be an interesting race.

This little dude was sleeping like a boss.

No paddock on race day. Got the Diamond that faces the pits but I snuck in to Citrine side to see more of the track!

If you want to see more of the track, those hillside seats are a good place to be too, but not if it rains!


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