Monday, March 5, 2012

Project "Kermit": Ignition!

Time for some ignition upgrades! The old coilpack, cables and spark plugs were getting old. It's not uncommon for them to develop some rust as well. Check out my old coilpack. The tips look to be well rusted. You should have seen my spark plugs before they were discarded. Bad shape!

Got a MSD coilpack, Nology cables and some Denso Iridium spark plugs in a range colder than the standard.

Better spark, means better combustion, means better car. Kermit seems to be running smoother. Perhaps this will give me better mileage too.

Installation is a breeze. Make sure your engine is cold whenever you change plugs. I know many who don't care but in my opinion its much better if the engine is cold. Plus it's easier to work on a cold engine too. Replace the coilpack, make sure you use the correct cables to the correct cylinder. It's all marked so you shouldn't get confused. Spark plugs should be tighten with a torque wrench. For Mini's it's 20lbs.

Here's a video I found online...

All done! Looks so pretty too.

After that, just fire it up. I decided to remove the battery too whilst all of this was done. Wanted to reset the ECU for it to relearn the new mods that went it.

Not too long after that, I thought something went wrong as these two lights appeared. The handbrake light wouldn't go off and the traction control light kept coming up.

Fortunately, a quick research online and I found out that I just needed to top up my brake fluid cause the sensor is detecting it being low.

I also went ahead and gotten a tow hook. Only cost RM40 bucks and if I was going to pay a ridiculous amount for the tow hook cover, might as well spend it on this. The red is a little off but I think it looks pretty alright.


George said...

Bro, where did you get the tow hook from? Cause I'm thinking of getting one as well. Did you get it online or somewhere else? Thanks heaps.

Leonard Foong said...

You can try Plenty there...

George said...

Oh. Okay. Thank you, bro.

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