Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HKS Zero R

So, what's featured in the latest Hypertune magazine...

It's none other than the HKS Zero R!

This car is such a rare collectable! Only 4 of the original batch were ever sold. Fariz mentioned there was one in Brunei and I've seen a picture of it in a Brunei-an blog called, 'Pentagonist'.

This is now confirmed by Hypertune's feature of it.

News has been circulating of this very rare BNR32 running around our local streets but there never was any conclusion... Anyone knows anything about this?

Anyway, this is definitely one of the original 4 and not the 'refreshed' version as it runs a TA45S single turbine and the whole package puts out 450ps with 50 kgm of torque.

So, what is this HKS Zero R? Why is it so special...

Well, back in the early '90s when HKS headquarters in Japan decided to do what tuning shops such as RUF where doing in Germany. They wanted to create high-performance streetcars under the HKS title, much like RUF's CTR, BTR or RGT.

HKS built four of these cars. However, when the time came to register them as one-off models not tied with the Nissan brand due to Japanese legislation at the time, they were required to crash test a number of cars in order to obtain road homologation.

SO... the project was abandoned as it would have proven too expensive to total Y13,000,000 (RM476,600) per car. Not before four of these cars were sold. One of them being the one you see featured in their latest issue, 2010 Vol 101.

More information of the HKS Zero R can be found on the HKS Technical Factory Japan website.

Here are clips I found on YouTube of it.

In 2005 and subsequently 2006, HKS decided to revive the project and the car was refreshed with the latest parts available. The single was ditched for twin GT2530, a V-Cam was installed and the engine got it's 2.8L capacity from the Nismo RRR GT Block along with a long list of other goodies.

More of the 2006 HKS Zero R from the HKS Technical Factory Japan website.
You can also check out Turbo Magazine's article, 'HKS Zero-R, Zero Talent Never Looked So Good' or SpeedHunters, 'HKS ZERO-R'.

That didn't stop there. There was one more version done after that. In 2008, there was the HKS Zero R Edition 3. This looked like a milder tune with HKS GT-SS turbines, no V-Cam but HKS 256(SS) IN EX camshafts instead.

More about the HKS Zero R Edition 3 from the HKS Technical Factory Japan website.


HaoYi said...

Hmmm. Very interesting post. You into cars eh?

Leo said...

Yes. I am. (^_^) Especially GT-R's.

Soe said...

Hey Leonard, damn I didn't know that there are actually few versions of the HKS Zero R BNR32 & I'm so into the 2006 Zero R ler bro!

darius said...

wow, the rear is something different... first time seeing it... cool!

ken said...

speedhunters featured it here

Leo said...

Thank you for the link but if you actually read my post, I've already included it. (^_^)

ken said...

leo:haha i did read but missed it,sorry

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