Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project "Kermit": front "Frog" lights and wings...

My front fog lights kept blowing out and trapping water in them. So, I got these Projector Fog Lights after reading a thread on the forums. The thread started seemed to be very pleased with them...

"They are a considerably more solid than I expected, and to my suprise and delight they're mostly metal, and the plastic parts seem to be pretty dense as well (something that the factory fog lights really aren't)"

Two day ago, they arrived, along with the JCW carbon fiber Aero wing.

Removed the old wing and attached the fins to cover up the mounting holes.

Then just glue on the JCW carbon fiber Aero wing. Easy peasy.

It's very subtle actually, here's a shot of the original wing...

Compared to the JCW one.

The projector fog lights looks very good. Too bad they're hidden behind the bumper.

Some adjustments were needed to get the beam projected right. These made the stock bulbs much brighter. I can imagine not having to turn on the head lights if I swapped these for a HID kit. They have these slim ballast ones (DDM HID Kit Slim Ballast)and it's only USD40.


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