Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project "Kermit": Reversed CAI?!

The folks over at MINI Owners Club Malaysia pointed out that the Pipercross Viper Carbon Induction Kit was not meant for the Cooper S but for the normal Cooper! On top of that, it seems that it has been installed the wrong way! It should have been installed the other way around!

So I was sold something I was lead to believe was meant for my car and got it installed the wrong way?! Would not have expected this coming from Fast Lane Automotive Sdn Bhd. I mean, they're a Mini specialist right? Terrible!

Upon removing the CAI, I noticed it's been dinged up pretty badly. The shiny chrome mouth looks as though it had been mutilated during the improper installation the first time. I'm quite disappointed.

Anyway, a quick clean and swapping around got the CAI fitted the right way.

Since the CAI now takes in air from the back, I found that the little front scoop that diverts air into the air filter box has now become redundant. It was getting in the way so, I just removed it.

Maybe when I have some time, I'll find a more useful way to route the front scoop to the back, since the Pipercross Viper Carbon Induction Kit came with a nice long extra hose.


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