Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So, I've been missing lately...

Yes, I know. I've not been updating the blog much lately. I do apologize. After my trip to cherating, I flew to Russia. Not long after that, I flew to Bangkok...

Bangkok was awesome. So refreshing, having just two hot clubs in KL, Rootz and Zouk, it's getting a little dull. Upon landing, checked in the hotel, changed up and that night, we hit 5 clubs in a row. Awesome stuff.

Girls in KL are really so spoilt. The ratio of girls is higher to the guys in Bangkok and man it really shows. I got approached in the club numerous times. They're friendly and engaging. They chatted me up, asked me where I was heading after that, took me to another club, arranged for a table, bought the bottles... I felt like I was the chick! *laughs*

Girls in KL really have to up their game. Unfriendly, unapproachable, unattractive. To be popular in KL, you need to have a reputation otherwise no one will second look you. In Bangkok, it's not important. Character pulls the ladies.

I've got some mates who jet set around Asia just to party because it's so damn dull here in KL. Bangkok, Jakarta, Taipei, Manila... Man, maybe I should try that too. Maybe every fortnight or every 3 weeks. Too often and I'd probably get bored too and blow a nice big hole in my pocket.

So, when is the next trip... Next up Taipei? Jakarta? ^_^


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