Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday Skyline Shoot

I promised Zahid to meet up to have a shoot a while back. Yesterday, he organized a 'Photoshoot for skyliners' so I made my way over, keeping my promise. I didn't want to make any promises at first as it was so early on a Sunday morning and I was worried I wouldn't wake up in time.

I made my way over to Putrajaya and hooked up with the rest who were already there. It's been a while since...

Here are a couple of shots I took that morning...

So big the exhaust! *laughs*

It was a hot morning and after we dispersed, I made my way back to swap Stormtroopers. Every time I drive the E92 M3, I feel fatter. It's just so comfortable. *laughs*


For more pictures please visit Zahid's blog, 'Ministry of Shutter' or Azmir's blog, 'What Have I done?'.


Calvin's BLOG !! said...

Epic post ! Looking forward to these kind of post again! :D

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Leo said...

Calvin's BLOG,
Will try but I rarely attend meets like this already ler. ^_^

Will do mate. Thank you for the support!

The Skylife said...

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