Friday, December 17, 2010

TRON: Legacy

I've been waiting to watch this movie since July of 2009, when I first put up a post on it. (Tron Legacy)...

That day has come! Tuesday night, almost a year and a half later, I went to catch a preview of the highly anticipated sequel to Tron, TRON : Legacy, in 3D! Jason Chan (WaLauWei) and I made our way to Berjaya Times Square, GSC Maxx, had some food and refreshments as we anxiously waited to get into the 400 seater theater.

Razer also displayed their TRON® Gaming Peripherals. A Keyboard, Mouse and Mousepad in the TRON theme. Cool stuff! More info here.

All lights up too...

After a while, some quizzes and prizes were given away and a pair dressed as the famous french electronic music duo Daft Punk appeared!

Jason Chan was itching to get his hands on the soundtrack by Daft Punk they were giving away as he wasn't able to purchase it in stores yet. Guess what, he got his hands on one! Congrats!

We made our way in at 8.30pm and the theater was huge! Checked in out electronic devices and collected our 3D glasses. These were different. Not the usual ones we get at the other places. These ones were like the glasses you get with the 3D TV's which required to be charged and powered up. Anyway, we realized there were no refreshments so I scurried out to grab some before the movie started.

The movie was awesome! Now, although I thought the story was a bit dry, and it felt a little too rushed (I guess 2 hours and 7 minutes wasn't enough for me!), everything else was just spectacular. You have to watch this in 3D to get the full experience! I'm gonna have to catch this movie again soon!


Wa.Lau.Wei said...

It was great having you for the special screening of TRON: Legacy 3D at GSC Maxx (previously the IMAX). I must say I was dizzzzzzzing after the movie as the screen was too huge! The movie could have been 3hrs long and add more fat into it. Agree with you on it being too rush!

Let's see how the regular screen cinema goes this weekend! Looking forward...

I'll pass you the OST on that day too ya!


Wa.Lau.Wei said...

Oh ya! Thanks for the refreshment that night! :)

hmph said...

So they've refurbished the imax? It was in pretty bad shape screen and sound wise when I was last there abt this time late last year.

Leo said...

Thank you for bringing me along. Was the least I could do.

Must be, since GSC took over. They weren't doing well before that. =)

Eugene said...

It was absolutely amazing. Young Jeff Bridges in CGI... Wow!!!

Wished they had Olivia Wilde in a nicer hairdo though.

Agreed that plot was a bit thin, but overall it still well exceeded my expectations. Two thumbs up for this movie.

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