Monday, December 27, 2010

Even under anesthesia... "Dentist Chair Hoonage"

How much of a petrol head are you? Are you as bad as this bloke? *laughs* Even knocked out from anesthesia, he's still dreaming of the race track!

Notice how his heart rate goes up as he accelerates. *laughs*

So at the beginning of this past spring break, I had my wisdom teeth removed. I was under heavy anesthetics and it seems my inner hoon came out. I remember nothing from the day other than the drive to the dentist and meeting the anesthesiologist. The surgeon had his HD camera ready for documenting another patient and was lucky to catch this. They say I did this the whole time. My dentist supposedly had to repeatedly tell me to "slow down" because I was frightening other patients. This was his gift to me this holiday season, as we have been waiting for a copy of this video for a long time. Alas, I am sharing it with my fellow hoontastic Jalops. So enjoy guys!

Merry Christmas:)

Check out the hilarious clip below.


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