Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010 @ Rootz, Lot 10!

Went to Rootz to party for Halloween this year...

Had to look for a costume the last minute again and since the Chinese Vampire or 'Jiang Shi' costume was so popular for me last year, I decided to go with it again. Jason Chan a.k.a WaLauWei came and partied it up with me too. He came as a monk, which made both our costumes quite the combination!

Originally, I brought the fangs, but they were so bloody uncomfortable so to hell with them as I couldn't drink with them in my mouth anyway. *laughs*

Rootz was packed with people! Plenty went dressed up as well which made it a whole lot of fun!

Upon entering, I was already hijacked by a group at the table right next to ours to take some pictures. This went on the entire night! Wow, the 'Jiang Shi' costume really was popular!

Me goofing around with Andrew Westwood.

Goofing around with Jason. *laughs*

Me, Azrul who came as Ip Man and my best bud, Johan who came as Kurosaki Ichigo from bleach in 'Hollow' form! Don't mess with Azrul as he's really a Wing Chun instructor!

I wasn't kidding about him being a Wing Chun instructor. Here's a picture of him with Julie Hoi (or is it Julie Woon now?).

Check out his clips at Selangor Ip Man Ving Chun Association on facebook.

Anyway, it was a really fun night. Here are a couple of shots.

Fooling around with Jason Chan and Dawn Jeremiah.

Younes, Samantha and Melati.

Tania and Rebecca.


I bumped into another 'Jiang Shi'!

We partied till the break of dawn. While we were heading to our respective cars to head out for supper, we were all hijacked for pictures some more...

A shot of us without the flash before we left. The light was suppose to make the picture look scary...

Check out Jason Chan's blogpost 'Halloween Party 2010!'.

Already looking forward to next years Halloween!


Wa.Lau.Wei said...


Krazzzy Halloween 2010 yo! Looking forward to 2011!

Party ON!

HitoMi Ng said...

wasai, Jason is a "totally good" wo siong look

death mak62 said...
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