Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Che Che Confectionery by Che Che New York

You know what they say about chocolate...
"There are only three things in life that matter - good friends, good chocolate and, oh dear, what was that other one?" *laughs*

Anyway, who doesn't love chocolates?! Especially the ladies. A chocolate in the mouth is worth two on the plate. Once you consume chocolate, chocolate will consume you!

So, Che Che New York has released their confectionery for sometime now...

but it wasn't until recently Che Che New York Malaysia brought some of the goodness in!

There are 14 flavors for you to choose from and they're all unique!

They make perfect gifts for your girlfriends, whatever the occasion is... especially if it's just to spoil and surprise her!

Pick two up now and get one free!!!

Recently, Rebecca Saw picked some up herself and she's enjoying every bit of it!

Check out her blogpost "Che Che Confectionery by Che Che New York Malaysia, Mid Valley" and see more!

These delicious chocolate bars were brought in in limited quantities so hurry before they run out!


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