Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Imitating a Japanese Pornstar Moans on TV?!

Umm, this clip has been circulating around Facebook and I'm really curious what it's all about. Anyone care to translate? What's up with that man?! *laughs*

Check out the clip below and please enlighten me on what the heck is going on.

Turn up your volumes...


Chan said...

isnt this the girl who's demonstrating oral on the host's finger? nais!

Leo said...

Really? My, my. Please share with us. (^_^)

ScoobyDoo said...

Royston told me that chiq is from HK so their conversation is in canto la, Leo :)

Victor Eian said...

That girl is actually a host too... It's something like sex talk program in HK i think..

soooo steammmyy

Leo said...

My canto is horrendous la.

Victor Eian,
Really. OOoh. Okay. (^_^)

tareh said...

no wonder the guy has his legs wrapped.

Mike said...

Girl got talent, can imagine if she has something stuck in her mouth.

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