Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh no, I got entered again...

Last Friday, I got a buzz from Bryan to go to Mist for the Lollipop 2PHAT 2FURIOUS again. This time Hypertune was involved. Bryan said just go support for a little while and park the car. I thought why not.

When we arrived, we were all asked to participate again and I said I was just there to support and skipped the entire process.

But it looks like I've been entered again. Well, since I'm already participating, why not... If you think you like what I've done to the Nur so far, do vote for it.

Just go to this picture here, and like it.

Your support is greatly appreciated. (^_^)

More pictures of the event can be found at 'Lollipop - Mist Club, Bangsar', covered by Bryan and Chiin Haau.

Thanks again!


v!vi@n said...


nanged and clicked on your ads..do hit me bek ya^^

3R1C said...


Leo said...

Thank you for the support!

My47th said...


Check out that link bro. Owner or Poser? :)

Leo said...

Poser? In what way? Who's that?

Little M.E said...

Accidently saw his profile.I also dont know him.

He claimed that he is the owner of a r34 skyline. A white color one with z-tune bodykit. :)

Anyway glad to see ur update again.

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