Friday, April 2, 2010

458 Italia Launch at Naza Italia

Last night I managed to attend the launch of the Ferrari 458 Italia at Naza Italia.

Plenty of Ferrari's obviously. *laughs*

Inside it was freeeeezzziiiinnnggggg!

Decided to go outside for a while to shake off the cold.

Speech, speech, speech... *yawn*

Our MC for the night.

Brrrr, cold. Decided to go outside again. Classic Dino with matching plates.

Then I heard the roar of the V8 coming from the speakers, signaling it was time to go back inside. A short clip was played and...

Paparazzi and guests were swarming the car. I could hardly get a clean shot. Decided to try to anyway.

Some shots my brother Aaron took with his phone...

One from Nick Tan, who I bumped into during the launch.

The winglets deforms at high speeds to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Gave up trying to take a picture and headed outside. Hung around for a bit before deciding to head home.


Andy 4ever said...

Wow!!! Swarms of Ferraris & man, that 458 Italia is just stunning especially the front headlamps!

Leo said...

Yeah man Andy!

Okoye Humphrey said...

I waz dere! Cute feerarries

Babagana Kachalla said...

Thats fantastic and voyagiant a complete technocrat Italiana.

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