Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The one with the Gotcha! call

So, if you listened to this morning at 7.20am, you'd probably have managed to catch the Gotcha! call I pulled on my best bud, Johan.

The story is, a person on the forums contacted me about dropping by Malaysia while he was having a holiday around the region.

He was touring Asia and decided to stop by. Being a nice guy, I agreed to show him around. Now the thing is, the night when he arrived, he had problems with his finances. His credit/bank cards didn't work and he had no cash on him. I had to foot the bill for a night for him to stay.

That set off the alarms in my head and I decided to be careful with the bloke. Johan, took it a step further and allowed the bloke to stay in his house! It's not the first time he has allowed someone he hardly knows to live with him and his family. His girlfriend has also been complaining he is too accommodating and not spending enough time with her. *laughs*

This person we all came to know as Simon Martin. He's from Northern Ireland. He is an owner and mechanic of a tuning workshop in Ireland that specializes in Skyline GT-R's as well as rally cars. Turns out he's quite a pleasant dude...

Anyway, I've been planning to prank Johan since his birthday in February. However, it kept getting delayed and pushed back until this recent Monday morning 29th March. Perhaps I wasn't entitled to the iPhone which is why they delayed till after the contest ended on the 26th March. After editing, the call was broadcasted this morning at 7.20am!

"JJ calls Johan to inquire about Simon, someone from Ireland who was staying with Johan and JJ tells Johan that he is now under investigation because Simon had supposedly been smuggling cars."

So if you've missed it this morning, click play to listen to the prank! *laughs*

The clip is also available to download on's podcast.

Forgot to mention, he was actually having a conference call with Singapore in the morning when it happened. =P


ScoobyDoo said...

good one...i'll becareful the next time i lepak with u :p

Dewi Batrishya said...

HaHaHaHaHa!! I think he's going to kill you..
Nice one tho! XD

thenomadGourmand said...

Ha! wait..yr turn coming! ;p

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