Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google Nexus One in my hands

Lot's of treats for me lately... The three pairs of DC shoes I ordered have arrived. My Ken Block DC Manteca 3 Lowtop Shoes now fit like a charm.

Got another two white pairs of DC's to keep it company...

Also, I've recently acquired this...

It's the Google Nexus One!

I'm no newbie to the Android world so it's very familiar. So far I am enjoying it very much.

Already pimped up the home screen with Larva Labs, Slidescreen as you can see...

Woo hoo! Got to get a screen protector for it soon. (^_^)


IyouweBlog.com said...

how u get google nexus one? where to buy? how much? already unlocked? can use in malaysia?

wow!!!!!!!! too excited, sorry for leaving u so many questions! haha

KOKahKOK said...

free? i want one too can?
haha... my friend bought it last month ....last few weeks dapat too...
he told me his is the 1st in malaysia...now i saw another...kena tipu :)

Himmat Singh said...

Wow...you sure are a lucky man.

Leo said...

How did I get it? Buy lor. *laughs* You can find sellers in LowYat.net or go to Singapore to pick up one. People in Malaysia now selling around RM2300- RM2600. Yes, it is unlocked. I am using it right now. You just have to put in the 3G settings.

Nothing is free. Can, just buy one also lor. There are many Nexus One users in Malaysia already. A lot actually. Just check the forums and you will find them. (^_^)

Himmat Singh,

Da Devil said...

lolz..my bro using 1...and he keep showing off to me..as im using his old iphone 3g...wakaka...looks really cool...

Bryan said...

Your old HTC.. RM50.00 + 1 3 layer tea....terima kajih manyak manyak..... i self collect

Eugene said...

Very nice. Was actually torn between getting the Nexus1 and BB9700. Friend has the N1 and absolutely loves it.

But I ended up getting a BB9700 for myself a couple of days back ;)

Hypoglossal said...

You can easily acquire one for USD 529 + 30 USD shipping if you don't want to go through lowyat forums or Singapore.

Use a US http proxy and buy it from www.google.com/phone [you can get it engraved with your name for free from here].

Then, go to any MailBox service such as myus.com or something else and use their one time service.

Pay for the shipping to malaysia, it's yours in a week.

Credit Card needed of course.

And yes, that's how I got my own Nexus, awaiting delivery!


Leo said...

Cheers! Yup, enjoying it very much too.

I wanted a BB9700 too but it wasn't much of an upgrade from the BB9000. (^_^)

Yup. I think that's what most of the people in the countries which the Nexus One is not available are doing.

If you like the Android platform, you're going to enjoy it. I came from a HTC Magic and I am enjoying the phone very much.

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