Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sorry, you are... who?

Was clearing out my Facebook messages when I came across this little incident which happened a while ago. A person by the name of Adam Kho added me on Facebook back in November of 2009.

Now, I don't normally add people I cannot remember, do not know or have not met. So, usually, I'll ask them politely, however I noticed he had taken some pictures from me and cropped off my blogs address.

Which lead to this...

The little twat never replied after that...


Adrienne Oh said...

hahahaaa. wow leonard u attract cute lil boys! they think ure SEXXAAYYYY!!!

Apple said...

ahahhahaha! this fella is terrible! Stupid boy.

Good answer u gave him. no wonder it shut him up :D

Ninja Coffee said...
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Ninja Coffee said...

Doesn't all image in FB belongs to FB? I think its stated in the t&c somewhere, that if you upload your pic in fb, you are granting FB the permission to freely use and distribute it.
So in a way, that guy ripped a photo from FB, (which we all do to any google image, don't we all?)

Or i could be way wrong......if so, forgive my insolence then..

Benjamin said...

Epic! hahaha Leo u got FANS!

zahid said...

it doesnt not belong to fb, its belong to the owner of the pic, by uploading there, we simply grant them the permission to use them(the pic)

note that we only grant that permission to the fb management, not to anyone else.

sopying a pic from google image seems to have no problem but you're still doing plagiarism, the least you could do is state the sources where you take the pic.

plus, that little kid took leo's pic(most probably his car's pic) in which i believe leo has put watermark in each of them, the worst part came when that that kid cropped of leo's watermark.

now i would say that's rude.
after all, it's just my opinion.

Elaine said...

haha.. that always happened...
hmmm perhaps it's is ride that attracts the lil boy :p

*consumes the GTR pills again*

My47th said...

Good day,

Last 2 days i added u in my fb. No wonder no reply.Haha.

The way u handled that boy is funny yet professional. :)

nicwan8 said...

Oh my....

Good to see you actually handle this situation professionally and using proper English. Kudos on the last reply belittling him in a polite way. :P

Ian said...

it's never easy communicating with people like that :) haha..but u did it very well. i doubt he even understands your last reply...

Calvin's BLOG !! said...

That fucking twat got OWNED. Hate people like them =_____=ll

Eugene said...

I'm starting a Leonard Foong Fan Club on FB ;)

Alex Wong said...

Good day,

You can report Adam Kho to facebook for the abuse of your picture. The admin will either remove the picture, or ban that account totally, depending on the gravity of the offense.

Victor Eian said...

Eugene, i hope it's not another fanpage of SKY KOR KOR series.. hahahahaha

Leo said...

Adrienne Oh,
*laughs* I'd rather much be attractive in your eyes than lil boys. ;)

Silly boy indeed. Thanks! :)

Ninja Coffee,
Really? Now I didn't know that.

*laughs* I do?!

Thanks for the heads up zahid. :D

You're probably right. :)

You added me on Facebook? Which one?
Cheers. :)

Cheers. :)

Yeah, all sorts of characters appear before you, it's really intriguing sometimes. Cheers. :)

Calvin's BLOG,

Eh! No, No, No!!! :0

Alex Wong,
Thank you for the information. It's really not necessary to report him as this was quite a while ago. Leave him be. :)

Victor Eian,
I certainly hope not too. *laughs*

My47th said...

Sorry for late reply.Hehe my nick in FB is Sima Sard. What a nice Skyline gathering there.
Have a nice day bro. :)

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