Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gran Turismo 5 covergirl, the Mercedes SLS

I can't wait for this to debut...

Enjoy the sounds from the short clip.

50" Full HD screen RM 10,000
PS3 RM 1,300
Logitech G25 Steering RM 700
Gran Turismo 5 RM 220

Lapping a realistic copy of the 'Ring' from the comfort of my home... Priceless.

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Chris Yip said...

you forgot the bride bucket, custom railings and not to forget, the booze, since now you can drink and drive on the ring and anywhere else without causing a real accident hahaha

hmph said...

Why the G2? Add a coupla hundred more and get a nicer G25 complete with *3* pedals, and gated shifter :-D
Plus a coupla grand for bucket seat and custom moutnnig station :-P

Leo said...

Chris Yip,
*laughs* You're right!

It's a typo. I actually meant the G25/G27. (^_^)

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