Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Mini Malaysia 50th Anniversary Event

Got a call from Jasfaireen towards the end of the day asking me if I wanted to pop by the Mini Malaysia 50th Anniversary Event. Sure, why not...

I packed up and waited for Jas to come pick me up from Zinc. The Mini event sounded cool but we were more interested in checking out the venue of the place which was the Setia Sky Residences. It's a new development and I was curious to see what the apartments were like.

Anyway, we still crashed the Mini event which I was really impressed with.

Registered ourselves at the front...

... which you will then be given this...

... with these inside.

So basically, there are different booths set up all over and you go collect drinks from all over with your coupons. *laughs* They had a booth for you to get your hair done, to get a temporary tattoo, alcohol and some food. You had a coupon to collect your goodie bag too.

When we arrived (late as usual), there were models strutting some Mini apparel. No catwalk in sight, they just paraded through the crowd on to pedestals.

Here are a couple of pictures I shot with my phone as I didn't have a camera on me at the time. Sorry for the shit quality pictures.

The Mini 50 Mayfair.

The Mini 50 Camden.

Where people get their hair and temporary tattoo's done. You can purchase apparel there too...

The finger food was awesome. They had macarune, chocolate fountains, pasta spoons and a hell lot of good stuff! Really enjoyed the food.

Would have taken more pictures but the phone camera sucks so bad...


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