Thursday, November 12, 2009

Proof Men Prefer Cars Over Women

This picture proves men prefer cars over women! *laughs*

A European drink called Oasis, got promoters to market their drink in Paris, France but all the attention went to the Lamborghini Gallardo next to them in a display advertising Need for Speed Shift.

Check out the look on her face. *laughs*

P.S. Victor, you can't blame hbr1 for choosing the car over Hannah T. *laughs*. It's just in our blood. =P


Wen Pink said...

it's just because they weren't dressed in a tight sexy dress exposing their assets!

:: Nicole :: said...

i agree! :)

Victor Eian said...

hahahaha Leo, they're right... i love the cars and i love the chick too... baru balance.. ahahahaha

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