Friday, October 29, 2010

Where is the Nür?

You've all probably been wondering what has happened to the Nür... No, I've not sold or replaced her. In fact, I've not been doing much to her. She has been running and purring like a kitten so there were no updates. Until now...

Recently, my clutch gave way. It was about time the ORC Twin Carbon gave way since the tuning and other upgrades has pushed it to the limit. The clutch was only rated at 550ps at the flywheel and I didn't think it would hold together very long after tuning. One night during a spirited drive, it happened. In one of the higher gears, it slipped, causing me to bounce off the limiter for a while. Not thinking much of it, I drove home, everything still running like it should.

The next day, I noticed my oil pressure was behaving a little erratic. Although temperatures were all still below average, which is very good, I decided not to take a chance had her checked out.

Turns out, my N1 oil pump might have been damaged. Apparently my oil pump gear has cracked. I'll be replacing it with a more sturdy Tomei item. The clutch shall also be replaced with a higher rated ORC Twin Plate one but it will now be steel and no longer carbon. I've gone ahead and went with a full refresh, checking my bearings to see if my "bouncing off the limiter" has affected them, and doing the usual and necessary service, replacing worn belts and such.

So, she'll be out of action for a while. Hopefully I can get Mr. Furukawa to touch up the mapping some more when she's ready.


jackcwj said...

haha being at done at STwangan.. NICE!

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