Tuesday, July 27, 2010

StarCraft II, Wings of Liberty... "Hell, it's about time."

It's July 27, 2010 which means StarCraft II - Wings of Liberty will be released today!

I remember those day when I use to spend hours playing StarCraft with my buddies in cybercafes. Gosh, has it already been 12 years?! That's a fucking long time to be coming up with a sequel.

This shit took 12 friggin' years so it better be good. Really hoping it was worth the wait...

Check out the trailer below.


Eugene said...

My life for Aiur !!!

I'm downloading the SC2 client from the Blizzard website at the moment.

Gonna take a while... 6.99GB =S

Zul said...

its abt damn time!

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