Friday, May 7, 2010

The Laguna Coupe Launch at Zinc ArtSpace

Yesterday, Renault launched their Laguna Coupe at Zinc ArtSpace!

Even Gaja was all dressed up for the launch.

The media starting to arrive...

There were two models too.

Guess who was there for the launch too...

Performing a comedy sketch during the launch.

Hilarious stuff!


This is what RM260 thousand will get you. (^_^)

Check out 'Renault Laguna Coupe launched – 2.0T, 6sp auto, RM260k' on for a couple more pictures and info.

Bryan came too but he was a little late. Shall wait for his shots of the night too. (^_^)


Loki said...

Sure does look like a baby Aston from the rear but so underwhelming in the engine department - meh.

Saw Harith Iskandar and Reefa perform at Jaya One on Wednesday night :). Good to see that at least the crowd was entertained at your lovely venue.

Leo said...

It does a little bit, doesn't it. Yeah, it's a little lacking in terms of power. There is a 3.5L one but it would cost well in to the RM300k mark if brought in.

Yeap, Harith Iskandar and Reefa sure did lighten up the mood during the launch. *laughs*

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